Apply for your chance to be a model

At Numa, we empower our models by providing them with the tools, education, and resources that are required to succeed as a model. At our core, we are focused on developing models on our 3 P's: Portfolio, Performance, and Professionalism. We actively seek individuals who are committed to working on the 3P’s, but also resonate with our core pillars of respect, trust, and creativity.


Please upload your photos below.
Images do not need to be professional, selfies or casual images are great for now.
See below for examples of the types of images to upload.


“Every time I go into Numa I always have a positive experience! Everyone is extremely welcoming and accepting! Numa is definitely an amazing company, each time I meet with them/work with them my day always brightens up!” - Megan N.

“Numa is more than just a modelling agency, they focus on the realm of health & wellness from a holistic stand point which is a huge part of my life as well as personal development.” - Mariya C.

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